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Jack Sonni &

The Leisure Class

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Hey Chilluns - hope ya'll are safe and well. As you might imagine, touring for the band is on hold until the Covid-19 disaster recedes and hopefully we all return to some sort of normal. We are continuing to record by sharing audio files via the internet and will post some songs soon! Also working on a video of the band playing "together" from our homes in Italy, Mississippi and NorCal!! Should be up within a week or so.

Thanx for your patience and checking in on us.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Tuned for Breaking News As It Happens!

NEW Video!!! Another "Alone Together" production- new original song "Welcome To The Leisure Class"

An "Alone Together" production - An "Alone Together" Production - band doing our rendition of the Taj Mahal/KebMo tune "Don't Leave Me Here" & the Reverand Al Green's classic "Love & Happiness."

Live from the Chicken Shack

Live from the Chicken Shack

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