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Just Launched! Newsweek podcast
The Leisure Class hosted by Jack Sonni.
Available at Newsweek.com,
Spotify and Apple Music. 

Learn a unique approach to playing rhythm guitar & elevate your performance skills.

Please email me before booking to schedule your lessons. jacksonni@gmail.com Thnx!

First formed in 1977 in NYC, The Leisure Class is a gathering of good friends who happen to be great musicians sharing their joy of raising a rock n roll ruckus.

"How you going to call it work, when your job is havin' fun?!"


Essays, musings, rants & literary projects fueled by my first passion – writing.

Coming Soon!
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Familiar to most as the “other guitar player in Dire Straits,” Jack Sonni is a writer, musician, nomadic raconteur, father and grandfather who has taken to heart the reality in the hard-learned lesson that Life is Short. He has embraced a philosophy to Live Well and Live Now in pursuit of creating memorable moments with friends and family. And he is one who knows the supreme importance of hugging them while you can…because Tomorrow Never Knows.



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